Destiny Betrayed is meeting its destiny!

Destiny Betrayed is meeting its destiny!

Dear All 

Here is the drama email for this week. Hope you enjoy it!

In drama today the visitors were Stuart (drama volunteer)  and Isaan (camera person). Those not there were Ems, Andrea and her step-daughter Emily. 

We started with splitting up. I went in the back room with Peter, Brandon, Stephen, Mathew James, Nick and Chris Crane to rehearse Big Laboratory Bang for a performance at a school in the South East on Wednesday. We were filmed by Isaan for this.

We then went into the main room to rehearse Destiny Betrayed, from the start to the office scene. Then we had lunch. 

In the afternoon  we continued with Destiny Betrayed rehearsals from where we left off to the finish. Before this, Richard told us there are some leaflets for a Murder Mystery Night (in aid of The Freewheelers) at Little Bookham Village Hall on Saturday November 21st; and Amandla, based on Nelson Mandela’s life, at Leatherhead Theatre on December 3rd. 

After the Destiny Betrayed rehearsals we also talked about the show, and changes that may be needed to make it clearer to the audience and perhaps some added scenes. We finished off with possible venues for the Destiny Betrayed tour.  

All in all, I think it went well today, and I hope the rest will agree. 

From Andy M.