BBC Television crew at The Bridge

BBC Television crew at The Bridge

Dear All 

In drama today the visitors were Annabel and Sam from BBC Television who came to film Zena for her television programme called Employ Me. Those not there were Ems. 

We started with Brandon and others saying that the Amandla! (a story of Nelson Mandela) performance went well last Thursday December 3rd at Leatherhead Theatre.

Then Brandon told us all that the film of Steep Rain is representing the United Kingdom at a conference at the United Nations in New York this week; we were all pleased with this news. 

Next Soufyan said he enjoyed Amandla! although he was confused at some parts. Brandon then said he went to the Houses of Parliament to represent The Freewheelers, as guest of charity Unum(?)  

Viv met a lady called Rachel Gadsden at Amandla! – she is a actress and Viv asked her to be one of our patrons, and she agreed. Richard then said he enjoyed Amandla! and Andrea thought those who took part were very professional.

Zena said her choir at The Grange in Bookham is performing in Surrey this week on Saturday December 12th, and Mathew James said his choir are singing at Farnham Malting’s on Friday December 11th.

Anne Vere then showed us the programme of the pantomime  Cinderella at Fairfield Halls, Croydon, that she, Sonas and Sam (client) watched last Friday. It starred Stephen Mulhern from various television programmes as Buttons; they all liked it. Pip then asked names and numbers for next week’s Fish and Chip lunch on December 14th.

Then Brandon reminded us that we will be rehearsing scenes from Destiny Betrayed involving Zena, ready for filming by the BBC in the afternoon.  I think we then rehearsed those scenes several times to get them right.  Next we had lunch.  During the break Annabel and Sam came from the BBC to film Zena.  

In the afternoon the BBC filmed the scenes Zena is in from Destiny Betrayed, for the programme Employ Me. We again had to do them several times to get them right. We finished off with a cool down with Andrea.

I then asked when Employ Me is to be aired on BBC: Annabel and James were not sure exactly, but thought about sometime in Spring 2016.

In conclusion I think today went well and I hope the rest will think so too.  

By Andy M.