A coma scene with The Freewheelers

A coma scene with The Freewheelers

Dear All

Here is this week’s drama entry.

We had no visitors and those not there were Dan, Antony O’Sullivan and Stephen.

We started with Brandon saying that Andrea, Chris Crane and himself all went to a venue in East Horsley near The Nomad Theatre, to look into The Freewheelers using it sometime. The venue has an Opera House and Theatre both onsite; it was once all owned by one lady, but now former University Challenge presenter Bamber Gascoigne has taken it over. A film was taken there; we may use it for a Grand Freewheeler  Showcase in July. We will invite relatives of The Freewheelers and local celebrities to the event.

Brandon then told us he also went to Nick Barnes’ (puppeteer) workshop in Brighton last week to look into a lighter version of Puppet Robbie (to fly over the other version in the scenes in Return To Our Senses, when Robbie is on the operating table in a coma).

Next, a warm up session with Andrea.

We then split into groups to start the rehearsal of some scenes from the play. Some went with Andrea in the main room to look at the operating table coma scenes, whilst others were with Brandon in the another room to rehearse the family scene around Robbie’s  bedside.

Zena was the girlfriend, Jamie the brother and Terri the mother. I was his father – we were with Brandon and went through Scene 3, Page 4, and Scene 4, Page 5.

Then was lunch during which we sang Nick Walenski Happy Birthday.

In the afternoon we went back into our groups to continue to rehearse some scenes for the production. We read through from Scene 6, Page 6, to the end Scene 25, Page 19. We then got back together to perform to each other – this went well.

I think today went well and think everyone else will think so too.

By Andy M