A little bit of Bohemia comes to The Bridge

A little bit of Bohemia comes to The Bridge

Dear All

Here is this week’s drama blog. Hope you all like it!

Today the only visitor was Tom Gray (musician) and those not there were Brandon, Jamie, Ems, Dan and Anthony O’Sullivan.

We started with Andrea telling us all that Brandon is away on holiday, and Jamie was in London to accept an award on behalf of his helping dog, Flossie. So Andrea said she and Tom Gray will be taking this week’s session; we did not mind this.

Poppy said that she is going to watch Children in Need Live at the BBC Studios in Elstree, on November 19th, and is looking forward to going. I then mentioned that Sam, Stephen and I all went to see Bohemian Rhapsody – the Freddy Mercury (Queen film) at a cinema in Sutton, and all liked it despite some emotional scenes. We all went on Friday morning.

Next was a warm up session with Andrea. Then we started the Song Writing Workshop with Tom Gray. We sang the Wake Up, Robbie song from Return to Our Senses (or Do Not Disturb or Wake Up, Break Up, or whatever else we may call our next production). Then was lunch time.

In the afternoon more singing of the Wake Up, Robbie song, followed by some of the movements for the show with Andrea. We finished off with singing two  songs: the theme song from Mama Mia, the Musical, by ABBA; and Bohemian Rhapsody. Both were good and enjoyable to sing.

In conclusion, I think we did well today and I hope all those involved will agree.

By Andy M