Busy rehearsing at The Bridge

Busy rehearsing at The Bridge

Dear All

Here is this week’s drama. We did quite a lot, so I may not included everything, but will try and mention most items.

The visitors were Tom Gray (musician) and Robert (possible new Freewheeler).  Those not there were Ems, Nick Walenski and Ashley.

We started by welcoming Tom and saying we will have to rehearse the Tomorrow song for the radio scene from Return To Our Senses – aka Wake Up, Break Up; Do Not Disturb, or even something else.

Brandon then told us all the students from NESCOT College in Ewell may come to The Bridge Centre in October. Soufyan saw The Bank  Robbery That Goes Wrong in Brighton, and enjoyed it – and wondered if any of the other Freewheelers would be interested?

We then started the Music Workshop with Tom for Return To Our Senses (or any of the other suggestions I mentioned earlier). We talked about the songs in the production first: the Counting Sheep Song, then the song about the Body, next the Argument song, and finally a song with the Hospital Porter. We then had some lunch.

In the afternoon we split up. Some were with Andrea for Movement, some with Tom for Music, and the others were with Brandon and Matt  Seaby for the radio scene. This had myself as Gary Divine and Dan as Neil B Cannon. Poppy was there too.  We then got back together to perform to each other.

In conclusion I think we did well today and hope the rest will agree!

Andy M