Celebrating 25 years of The Freewheelers!

Celebrating 25 years of The Freewheelers!

Dear All

here is what we did in today’s drama. I may not mention everything but will try to include most of what we did. We had no visitors and those not there were Soufyan, Stephen, Emma and Andrea. 

We started with Brandon talking about last Friday’s PIAW (Play In A Week) workshop at the Grange in Bookham. Then Brandon and the group talked about last Monday, when Emily, Tom and Mark came for the Cold and Wet rehearsal; we all thought it went well. Next, Brandon reminded us of this Thursday’s Film and Dance Night at Epsom College.

We will have a picture taken later today to celebrate twenty-five years of Freewheelers; the founder members still there now are Viv, Andrea, Rachel Mould, and myself. Luke H said he was in a show last week with his care home called Giraffe Inc Park; he said it was great fun, and he was a zoo keeper.

Brandon told us we will watch Upright and Grovling later today, with added music from Tom. I think we then watched two films, one being Upright and Grovling, and the second was one by Viv about twenty-five years of Freewheelers. We then had lunch.

In the afternoon we started by going outside for a group photo, again celebrating Freewheelers’ twenty-five years. We then listened to some songs from World Wars one and two, that will be involved in both Cold and Wet, and Sew What. We finished with rehearsing Cold and Wet from the start to page 15.  

In conclusion I thought today was a good session and I hope the rest will agree.

Andy M