DAiSY’s arrival

DAiSY’s arrival

Dear All 

Here is this week’s drama entry. I may not mention everything but try and include most of what we did. The visitor was Bob Colvill (Viv’s husband). Those not there were Chris Crane, Anna and Mathew.  

We started in the morning with Richard and other members talking about seeing the film of the play The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time at Leatherhead Theatre last Tuesday. They said it was very good, about an autistic boy whose dog dies and he goes to investigate it. They also said it helped members of the public understand autistic people better, and it had loads of good special effects.

Then Brandon mentioned the DAiSY Drama Festival at Guildford on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Next, we watched some items that the Freewheelers are performing at the festival, including Terri doing a performance of A Cream Cracker Under The Settee, written by Alan Bennett (originally starring Thora Hird). We also saw Luke T’s song, Dear Johnny, from Cold and Wet; then was lunch time.  

In the afternoon more items from the festival, like Zena and Richard’s dance from Cold and Wet, called Tomorrow. Next we had a warm up session, then improvisation in pairs with various situations, in a nightclub or disco. Then Brandon said next week we will have a stage fighting workshop person coming. We finished with a rehearsal of Cold and Wet.  

By Andy M.