Hello! My name is David. I am a member of Freewheelers. I’m 31 years old, I was born in 1981 on February the 13th in St Lucas hospital in Guilford. I had a hole in my heart. I then went to my foster parents home. I am an independent young man who is fit and energetic. I have got down syndrome, autism and a hearing impairment.

At Freewheelers, I do drama, dance and music. Hopefully we will go back to our workshops in Leatherhead soon and I can do some Degas, which is a dance we are working on.

I joined Freewheelers because it means I can meet up with the friends I made there and do my favourite things which are dance, drama and acting.

To me Freewheelers means caring, taking turns and not interrupting others. I am looking forward to going back. I love working with other people.

My favourite moment at Freewheelers was when I got to play Charlie Chaplin, I liked playing him because he’s funny and I’m funny!

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