Dealing with our loss

Dealing with our loss

Monday 2nd March,

Today when I arrived, Jacqui was talking about the Corona virus. She was in the middle of telling us how important it is to wash our hands after using a tissue, and using the hand wash bottles. She showed us how to use the hand wash properly.

Brandon then talked about watching some videos that Andy had been in. Berti Bear, Messages of Love and Hate, Musicians, Destiny Betrayed, and Upright & Groveling

Brandon then suggested reading, and learning, some poems, as we had a bit of time to spare before lunch. Others made up some poems.  Then it was lunch time. 

Sheila, one of our volunteers, had bought a cake in from home to celebrate her husband’s birthday, but he couldn’t eat it for some reason, and Sheila doesn’t eat it either! 

During lunch Viv asked if anyone would like to go to Andy’s celebration of his life, although places were limited. 

I spoke to Brandon during lunch; I told him that I was away from the 7th to the 14th of this month, and asked him if someone else could do the next blog for me.

I had to leave early after lunch, but I was able to hear a couple of poems by Terri.

Alyson Buckmaster.
Nick Walenski and PA.
Matt Seaby and PA.
Soufyan and PA.