Do Not Disturb Rehearsals

Do Not Disturb Rehearsals

Dear All  

Here is my drama blog for today.  Hope you all like it!  We had no visitors and  those not there were Andrea, Nick Walenski, Matt Seaby and Luke H.  

We started by sending a Get Well message to Andrea – to be sent to her mobile phone later today, as she has the flu. Nick Russel then talked about a Carol Concert at The Grange Centre, Bookham last week; some Freewheelers took part in it, and it went very well. 

Jamie then said some Freewheelers are performing at The Victoria and Albert Museum in London this week.  I then mentioned that Anna Vere and I are both performing at the Sutton College Presentation Evening on Wednesday night. Anna is singing and I am playing Dame Beyonce in a pantomime. 

Next, we rehearsed Do Not Disturb from the start to the end. Lunch was next. 

In the afternoon we rehearsed the final scene from Do Not Disturb to get it right. Then all the songs from the show. 

The first performance  is in January or February 2020 at Leatherhead Theatre. Then onto various medical venues after that – details to be confirmed nearer the time. 

Brandon then said he thought we did quite well today and looked forward to seeing us again next week. 

In conclusion, I think today’s rehearsals went well and I hope everyone else who was there will think so too.   

Andy M