Drama games

Drama games

Dear All 

Here is a review of today’s drama. We did a lot so I may not mention everything, but I will try and include most items.

We had no visitors and those not there were Sam, Anna and Sonas.  

We started with myself saying that John Kelly, the Freewheelers’ Patron, was on television earlier today talking about the Government getting rid of DLA (Disability Living Allowance), and saying it was not a good idea to get rid of it. Then Brandon told us he will be busy today looking at company films we have made during the years. 

Viv then said a charity has given some money for helping fund Jenni a  Freewheeler volunteer. Soufyan went to a food festival at Goodwood over the weekend and liked it. Terri went to a poetry festival at Chichester recently, and enjoyed it.

Jamie and Ashley both saw an amateur production of The Wizard of Oz in Dorking – they said it was good. Viv said her husband Bob is having a knee operation in August; Viv then mentioned that she wanted our ideas for QEF’s (Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation) 80 year celebration that some members of the group are in. The ideas for devices to aid people with disabilities for practical and far fetched we all suggested something which was good. Then onto drama games with Viv, Jamie and later on Liz and Peter (volunteer), the first was the park bench game: we had to pretend to characters on a park bench. Then a quick change game, followed by lunch time. 

In the afternoon more drama games with Liz and Peter: first a vocal warm up game with Liz, then a changing faces game with Peter, followed by improvised games. I think we finished with some cool down games because of the hot weather.  

I think today went well and I hope the rest agree. 

Andy M.