Through drama and dance, we create a friendly, fun and inclusive space for students to see the world from different perspectives.

By allowing children in our workshops to be inquisitive, creative and free-thinking we open their eyes and their minds to inclusivity and the world around them.

We regularly bring our touring productions and workshops to schools across Surrey and beyond. By visiting schools and sharing our creative process, we aim to demystify disability, highlighting that we share more similarities than differences.

We are proud of our prestigious and award-winning workshops. Our most popular is based around our dance piece, ‘Trust,’ which celebrates and relies upon mutual support and respect. 

Each of ‘Trust’s dance steps relies on one dancer supporting the other. ‘Trust’ was awarded the Inspire Mark by London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics, which recognised the exceptional and innovative projects uniting communities.

By the end of our ‘Trust’ workshop each student will have:

  • learnt how to sign their name in BSL 
  • choreographed their own ‘Trust’ dance 
  • had the opportunity to ask questions about disability in a structured Q&A

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