Emotional rehearsals at The Bridge

Emotional rehearsals at The Bridge

Dear All

Here is the week’s drama blog. We did a lot so I may not include everything

The visitors were Tom Gray and Stephanie Robert, the new Freewheelers PA, and those not  there were Rachael, Ems, Matt Seaby and Ashley.

We started by saying we will do a workshop with Tom Gray later today. Brandon then told us all that the BBC are looking for actors with disabilities for their production of The Elephant Man later in the year, and wondered if any Freewheelers would be interested – I think some said yes.

We then talked about disabled people being in television, theatre and film. We said it is getting better, but still needs some improvements. We then watched the radio scene from Destiny Betrayed (aka Wake Up, Break Up; Do Not Disturb or whatever else we  may call the play).

We then talked about the radio scene in which I played Gary Divine, the radio DJ.  Jamie said I sounded like Chris Evans, which is who I wanted to sound like, so I was pleased.

I think we then read through Return to Our Senses. We read the play from start to finish, then was lunch.

In the afternoon was  the  family scene with Robbie the puppet in a coma on the ward. I played Robbie’s dad – other members were Robbie’s mum, brother and girlfriend. We were with Brandon. We rehearsed several times to get them right; they were quite traumatic scenes to perform.

I also helped out with the scenes based on Fawlty Towers. We then got together to perform to each other, including new member Robert. He was performing a scene with puppet Robbie; he was helped by Stephanie and Andrea. We all thought they did very well indeed.

In conclusion I  think today was tiring but went really well, and I hope the rest will think so too.

Andy M