Enjoying my Freewheeling birthday

Enjoying my Freewheeling birthday

Dear All  

Here is the week’s drama email. Hope you like it! It is also my birthday! I am 52.

In drama today we had no visitors and those not there were Poppy, Ems and Dan. 

We started with Brandon telling us all that he collected the lighter version of puppet Robbie, to fly over the heavier one on the hospital ‘out of body’ scenes.

Puppet Robbie is in a coma after falling over in the bath at a hotel. He forgot to change the sign on the hotel bedroom door from ‘Please Make Up My Room’ to ‘Do Not Disturb’. So the people who tidy up walked in on Robbie in the shower – he falls over and ends up in a coma.

Brandon then started rehearsals of Return To Our Senses (or Wake Up, Break Up or Do Not Disturb, or whatever else we may call the production). It is on January 31st 2019 at The Nomad Theatre, East Horsley.

We then split up; some did the scenes on the hospital bed with Robbie the puppet.  They were in the main room; we were in the middle room (the Fawlty Towers scene people) and in another section of the same room were the family scenes by Robbie the puppet’s bedside. 

Zena was the girlfriend; Jamie the brother; and Terri, the mother. I was the father. We were with Alison (volunteer). We did some scenes without a script then had lunch.  

Everyone sang me Happy Birthday during lunch, which I liked.

In the afternoon we started by watching the Fawlty Towers plate swapping scene from our next production. Then the medical scenes with Robbie the puppet on the operating table after failing into a coma. Then the other cast members and myself performed one of the scenes we rehearsed in the morning without scripts; everyone said we did well. We were pleased!

In conclusion I think we did well and I hope everyone else involved will agree.

The Freewheelers sang me Happy Birthday. And at Hemmet tonight we had more celebrations with shepherds’ pie made by Sam (staff member) and birthday cakes supplied by my mother. 

There were presents from Hemmet, including some books. One is called A Sloth’s Guide to Taking It Easy, another is called A Happy Dog, and finally a Roald Dahl book. And from my mother a new watch, a cuddly toy and a scarf.

More cake tomorrow.

Andy M