… in which we all get a bit violent

… in which we all get a bit violent

Dear All 

Here is this week’s drama blog.

The visitors were Sarah (Stage Manager), and Andy Young (Stage Combat Tutor). Those not there were Viv, Andrea and Chris Crane. 

We started with Brandon welcoming Sarah and Andy, then Luke T and others talked about Wednesday’s performances at the Guildford DAiSY Festival; they said everybody did well, as well as other performers from other places. Brandon then asked who could help out and come to see Terri in A Cream Cracker Under The Settee on Wednesday in Caterham. Next, several members mentioned The Freewheelers event at Legal and General’s headquarters in Reigate; that event also went well.

Pip then said that St John’s School in Leatherhead had a performance space available in October if we use some of their students in the show.

Jamie then mentioned that he sang a song at the DAiSY Festival last Wednesday, and it went well. Anna talked about her Disney Cruise with her mum last week; she said she saw Mickey Mouse and Peter Pan, and went to places like Paris and Barcelona and had a great time.

Then a warm up session with Andy; next, we split into pairs and pretended to slap each other! Then a quick break, followed by being in different pairs and this time pretending to punch each other (but with physical contact). Next we had lunch.

In the afternoon, we started with Sarah and Andy doing their version of the ‘murder scene’ in Cold and Wet, after which we again got into pairs and did the same scene ourselves.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed today’s session and I think  the rest would agree.  

Andy M.