A ‘Happy’ Day…

A ‘Happy’ Day…

Dear All

Today we had no visitors and those not there were Richard, Andrea and Chris Crane.

We started with Brandon telling us all how he hurt his finger over the weekend – he was cutting open a bag of Lego for his son with a sharp knife, and cut his finger – he had to go to hospital where they put a big plaster on it.  Then Terri and Brandon told us that Terri’s performance of A Cream Cracker Under The Settee at Caterham went well last week, and she enjoyed it.  Brandon then said that a visitor from Cave Lighting was coming today – we may use some of their equipment. We then talked about the Stage Fighting Workshop last Monday, that everybody had enjoyed. Terri said she went to show which included stage fighting, and now knows how it is done! Next we talked about June 30th, when all the outside tutors for Cold and Wet are coming – we will have a full rehearsal on that day.   Luke T went to a Coronation Street Tour last week in Manchester and loved it. Then members said they appreciated my Drama Blog. I thanked them and also said it was not all my work, Anita and Gillian have to take some credit as they upload the blog for me.  Then we had a warm up session, followed by rehearsing the opening scene of Cold and Wet, before lunchtime.

In the afternoon we started with some movement to the song Happy by Farrell Williams, filmed by Jamie and Brandon. We will be performing this song officially at the Dance, Theatre and Film night at Epsom College on 10th July. Next, more Cold and Wet rehearsals – the scene with Terri and Emms as the Master of Ceremonies and their annoying little friend.  We finished by rehearsing the murder scene from Cold and Wet,  after last week’s Stage Fighting Workshop. We did the scene in pairs – I was with Soufyan.

I really enjoyed today’s session and I hope and think everyone else will agree.

Andy M