How We Use Your Money

We make sure that every single penny donated to us goes to good use. Your money really does make a difference, not only to us as an organisation but to each individual member of Freewheelers.

We are so grateful for the donations we receive and therefore feel passionately that you should know exactly where your money goes and how it helps.

Your Call Is Important To Us 2013 - Freewheelers Theatre And Media


Taking a production on tour does not come cheap and the nature of Freewheelers requires additional thought and subsequently additional costs. When you make a donation to Freewheelers it allows us to consider extending a tour by hiring another accessible venue for our production to be performed in. Your donation covers the printing cost of the tickets or even the accessible transportation that we require.

Our tours are the highlight of what we do and achieve at Freewheelers. They take us from just another drama group to a professional theatre company. Our tours allow our members to be part of something larger and sometimes life-changing.


Our work helps so many people and we try our hardest to ensure that everyone who wants to be a member can be. Sometimes members can have trouble reaching us, and in these situations we will put on or pay for their transport. Your money goes to ensuring that those who need our help can get it.

We have been told by our members, their families and care workers that we provide a life line. Your money helps us continue to do that.

Film Night 2014 - Lord Upright And Grovelling - Freewheelers Theatre And Media


We work out of the Bridge Centre in Leatherhead but also from Mole Valley and Elmbridge. Your money allows us to continue hiring the Bridge Centre and provide consistency for our members. At this venue we have access to media suites and dance studios that allow us to continue with the incredible work that we do.

Other things your money may be used on…

Your money is also used for the simpler things that are so incredibly important to us.

First aid training for our volunteers

Food and drink




And so much more!

Make a donation!