I Am Back To Old Times!

I Am Back To Old Times!

I have done a lot of things since I wrote my last blog.

One of them was – I’ve been in a production of Amandla! – A Life of Nelson Mandela.  It was in Leatherhead Theatre. I found it was tiring to keep my hopes up because I wanted to show the audience the best production that Chris H first directed with Freewheelers.  When I got home on that night I got off the bus and I knocked my headlight off my wheelchair. It is still hanging off today! I reckoned that show was quite a good performance for the Company and I felt it was the best performance that the Company has done.  I have liked all the other performances but I liked this one best because we haven’t done anything like Amandla! before. When I heard the idea for the performance I didn’t think we could manage it, but we did.

My latest project is a comedy with a bit of a twist.  I am playing a guy called Ted who has a funny life. Ted wakes up in the morning and puts coffee on his cereal instead of milk and drinks gravy instead of coffee! He puts his phone charger in his wheelchair to get the wheelchair charged. And drops his phone down the loo.

A location I use for some scenes is Annette’s husband’s office.  I had to get up one Saturday morning to get a taxi with Sonas to go to Purley to get there for the filming at 10 o’clock.  The taxi driver didn’t know where the place was in Purley. We had to stop the taxi to phone up Annette to find where Stuart’s office was. The driver dropped me and Sonas off first and went back to Hemmet House to pick up Sam and bring her to Purley.

One of the scenes in my film is Ted in bed. One Tuesday in the back room at the Bridge, the Media people made up a bedroom for Ted and they filmed Ted sleeping. It was uncomfortable. I was sliding down off the settee with my feet on two chairs with a duvet over me and I had to keep on pressing Sonas’ alarm and the Media people filmed me. Then, last week I had to drink gravy instead of coffee. And I had to walk round in my pyjamas.

The next thing I’ve got to film is a dance. We are grateful to the Grange for lending us their ballroom on the 7th March. Ted is having a day dream with his boss which is played by Jenni (our Operations Manager).

Sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while. We were snowed under with productions and I had no time to sit down with anyone to be my hands. The last Trustees Meeting somehow we got to the point of talking about our new website and someone asked me why did you stop blogging.  I said ‘I need someone to be my fingers’ and when Pip took me back to my house she said ‘leave it to me – I will find someone to help you to do your blog”. And I am sitting here today with the Founder of Freewheelers (Viv). I am back to old times!