It begins: Play In A Week!

It begins: Play In A Week!

Dear All 

Today was day 1 of PIAW (or Play In A Week) at The Nomad Theatre, East Horsley. 

I went to this event with Sam K, Anna and Sonas. Other Freewheelers involved were Zena, Rachel, Richard, Mathew and Luke Tye. It was run by Andrea and Brandon, as well as Jay (musician), plus people from other organisations. 

We started in the morning with Brandon telling us the title of the play: it was King Arthur And The Quest From Camelot. Then we were told what to do in a fire drill. Next, a warm up, after which we read through the play from the start to page 11. Then a drinks break. 

We then continued with the play from page 13, after the opening song. We then sang the opening song; next was lunch.  

In the afternoon we started with a vocal warm up with Jay. I think we then rehearsed the opening scene of King Arthur And The Quest For Camelot, then was drinks break (2). We finished with a cool down. Brandon said we will learn what parts we are playing when we come in tomorrow.    

In conclusion, I think day 1 went well and I hope the rest think so too.

Andy M