Just rehearsing

Just rehearsing

Dear All  

Here is this week’s drama blog – hope you all like it!  The only visitor was Vince (technical person). Those not there were Matt Seaby, Dan and Anthony O’Sullivan. 

We started with Brandon showing us a version of puppet Robbie, made by puppeteer Nick Barnes. Then we rehearsed the opening scene from Do Not Disturb, then had a full rehearsal of Do Not Disturb from start to end. Next was lunch.  

In the afternoon we rehearsed more of the production; the final few scenes. We then got together for Andrea and Brandon to say what they thought of how we did.  They said we did quite well. 

The tour starts at Leatherhead  Theatre in February, then on to other venues later, including St George’s Hospital, London and a Theatre in Brighton. Details to be confirmed nearer the time.

Brandon said we did well and looked forward to seeing us next week.  

By Andy M