Miscommunications at The Bridge

Miscommunications at The Bridge

Dear All

Here is review of today’s drama session. As we did quite a lot I may not mention all of it, but will try and include most items. We had no visitors and those not there were Terri and Matt  Seaby.

We started with Richard Watson saying he went to G Live in Guildford last week and liked it. Then Brandon told us all he went to Nick Barnes’ (puppeteer) workshop last week, to look into getting a lighter version of Robbie the Puppet for the hospital scenes from Return To Our Senses (we might call this production something else, eventually).

Brandon then mentioned we will probably need to borrow hospital equipment for the medical scenes from the play.

Next a warm up session with Andrea. We may use some of what we did in the play itself.    Then we read through the production from start to finish, followed by lunch time.

In the afternoon we split up: some rehearsed the medical scenes from page 10, whilst others (including myself) read the family scenes around Robbie’s bedside whilst he is in his coma.

I played his dad. Others were Zena as the girlfriend, and Jamie as the brother. We were with new volunteer Alison, who also read in for Terri as the mum of Robbie.

Next, we watched an episode of Fawlty Towers called Miss Communication. This was so that  cast members could to get to know their characters for the scenes when Robbie is in a coma. He’s in his fantasy world, imagining he is the program. We watched other episodes too to help everyone get in character.

We finished off by watching the others rehearse the scenes from the play when Robbie is wheeled into the operating theatre for the medical tests by the paramedics, nurses and doctors.

The performances are at either the Leatherhead Theatre or The Nomad Theatre, East Horsley, sometime in January.

We were also told that we may be required to come to The Bridge Centre on half term week to rehearse. I said I may not be there.

In conclusion, I think it went well today and I hope all those involved will agree.

Andy M