Murderously Cold and Wet

Murderously Cold and Wet

Dear All 

Today in drama there were no visitors, and those not there were Dan, Andrea, Pip and Peter (volunteer).

We started with Richard saying he went to the Hawth Theatre in Crawley last week, and hopes the group can perform there in the future. Terri then said that she saw Andrea recently and she is getting better after being unwell and hopes to come in next week. We then signed a ‘Get Well’ card for her.

Next Brandon reminded us that none of the Freewheeler tutors for Cold and Wet are there next week: Emily (Trestle), Tom (musician) and Mark (comedian). Mathew James said he saw ex-member Nicky Alcorn last week, and he hopes to visit us the last week of August. Zena and Richard will not be coming next week as they are both busy.

Then a warm up session followed by rehearsing Cold and Wet, from the start to page 8. Next was lunch; during the break, we picked up leaflets for the Freewheelers Film and Dance Night at Epsom College, July 10th (evening), and Brandon asked if I could write a Lord Upright and Grovling ‘Christmas Special’. I said I would.

In the afternoon Stephen and I did our ventriloquist act from Cold and Wet (page 29), then we continued with the same play, from page 9; we finished with the murder scene.  

I really enjoyed it today and I think the rest would agree.

Andy M.