News and rehearsals at The Bridge

News and rehearsals at The Bridge

Dear All  

In drama today we had no visitors and the only one not there was Ems. 

We started with Brandon telling us it will be busy today. Then the performance by some Freewheelers  at Royal Academy in London went well, despite arriving late due to traffic problems and being in a performance area quite high up so not all the audience could see them perform as they were in the entrance area of the Academy.  My mother went to see them and liked it, as did the rest of the audience  and performers. 

Then Anna Vere and I talked about the Presentation Evening / Awards Night at Sutton College, Sutton Centre Arena, where we and others performed last Wednesday night.  We said it went well and everyone who was there all enjoyed it. 

Then Brandon said that interviews for the Stage  Manager job for Freewheelers went well last week, with two potential candidates so far, and more next week. Then when we have all the potential candidates, they will all come to The Bridge Centre, probably sometime next year.

We then rehearsed the final scene from Do Not Disturb followed by The Wake Up, Robbie song.

Then lunch break during which Brandon and other tutors and volunteers had a meeting in the main room whilst the rest of us had lunch in the middle room.

In the afternoon, a full rehearsal of Do Not Disturb from start to finish.  We then got together to talk about how we thought it went; Andrea said we did quite well although some parts needed more  rehearsing to make them clearer when we perform it to the general public sometime next year. That’ll be first at The Leatherhead  Theatre, then at various medical venues after that.  Not sure on dates at the moment, but will try and get back to you when I do.

Brandon then said that next week we will only rehearse in the morning as it is the Christmas Party in the afternoon with lots of nice food and entertainment. Should be a good day, and in the  evening the Youth Groups are performing for those who want to stay and see them.

Brandon will see us next week for Do Not Disturb rehearsals in the morning and the Christmas Party in the afternoon.  We said we are all looking forward to it.  

By Andy