News and rehearsals at The Bridge

News and rehearsals at The Bridge

Dear All  

Here is this week’s usual drama blog. The only visitor was Tom Gray (musician), and the only one not there was Ems.  

We started by welcoming Tom. Then Pip (volunteer) said she had a validation award for all her work with the Freewheelers – we congratulated her on this. Brandon then told us we will be working with Tom in the morning, on songs from Do Not Disturb. 

Next, we had some warm up sessions, first a physical one with Richard Watson, followed by a vocal one with Tom. Then we sang the Wake Up Song from Do Not Disturb. Tom told us the first time we sing ‘Wake Up, Robbie!’ Then the second time through, it’s ‘Make Up, Robbie’. 

Next we sang the Blame Game / Argument Song, also from Do Not Disturb. Then lunch. 

In the afternoon we split up; some recorded some scenes for Do Not Disturb in a back room, whilst the rest of us (including myself) rehearsed Do Not Disturb, from the start to the end.  We did some scenes several times to get them perfect. Brandon said we are progressing well. 

Then he said that Amazon Smile had sent the Freewheelers some money; so we then recorded a Christmas Thank You message for them on the green screen. When it is sent to them it should hopefully look as if we’re all on a wintery snowy Christmas scene background?  

I think we did well today and I hope everyone else who was  there today will think so too. 

Andy M