Nick R

I am Nick Russell, I’ve been at Freewheelers for a bit over a year. I am 33 years old and my main learning disabilities are mostly to do with trouble with my numbers and possibly a bit physical. I’ve always loved doing drama ever since secondary school. I’ve always enjoyed being on stage.

I mostly do drama on Mondays, where I have been working with everyone to do Do Not Disturb. I joined after they had started work on it, but I was able to catch up quickly. I also do music on Fridays, where we have had a chance to pick a song we like. I love musicals. It’s given me opportunities to sing and perform songs from my favourite musicals.

I am hoping to have the opportunity to join more of the company in the future.

The reason why I wanted to join wasn’t just because I knew a lot of people there, it was mostly because I wanted an opportunity to work with a different drama group. I also wanted to take my skills to the next level. It has given me confidence to go out into the world.

Freewheelers has meant I could meet my old friends from the Orpheus Centre – Poppy, Jamie, Charlotte, Ashley and Richard, people I have known for a long time. It has also given me the chance to make new friends. It is a great experience and a great team to be a part of. I am so lucky I managed to get a place there. I am just enjoying being in the group and hopefully I will be in the group for many years to come.

My favourite memory is rehearsing the showbiz dance number in Do Not Disturb. That is by far the best moment for me because I really enjoy being in a scene that becomes bigger and bigger and bigger. I like doing big group numbers.

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