No Basil, sadly

No Basil, sadly

Dear All  

Here is my usual drama entry for today.  Hope you all enjoy it.  
Today the visitors were Tom Gray (musician), Josh (? relative  of Pip) and Alexandra (photographer). Those not there were Rachel, Matt Seaby, Anthony O’Sullivan and Andrea. 

We started with welcoming Tom. Then Brandon said that Andrea would not be in today.  Then we rehearsed Do Not Disturb from start to end.  Brandon then said that we did well.  All of this was photographed by Alexandra, who then left. 

In the afternoon, we rehearsed some of the scenes from the production. Next, Terri said she had heard from John Cleese (who played Basil Fawlty in Fawlty Towers).  She asked if he could come to watch any of the Do Not Disturb tour (starting at Leatherhead Theatre on February 21st) – but he was too busy. 

We then continued with rehearsals for the play to get it right,  ready for the first tour date. Brandon said he looked forward to seeing us next week.

I think we did really well this week, and I think everyone else who was there today will think so too.  

Andy M