Planning the production tour

Planning the production tour

Dear All  

Here is this week’s normal drama blog. Hope you all like it! This week the only visitor was Vince (technical person) and Chris (photographer). Those not there were Nick Walenski, Richard Watson, Luke H and Andrea. 

We started with Brandon telling us all that Andrea was not here this week as she fell down the stairs at home and is on crutches, and Richard Watson was unwell. 

We then rehearsed Do Not Disturb from start to finish. Brandon then told us what he thought about how we did: he said we did quite well despite cast members missing.

During this, Chris (photographer) took photos. Then was lunch during which Chris took some more  photos of some of the performers, including myself and others.

In the afternoon, another full rehearsal of the play.  Then Brandon and others again said what he thought of how we did. He said we did well, but we still rehearsed the Sheep and Wake Up, Robbie song scenes again. 

Then we were given a flyer with the Do Not Disturb tour dates on. They are as follows: Leatherhead Theatre, February 22nd; St George’s Hospital,  Tooting, March 30th; Trestle Arts Base, St Albans, 9th April; Old Market Theatre, Brighton, May 6th and  Harlequin Theatre, Redhill, 6th November – plus  possible others(?). Times to be confirmed nearer the dates. 

In conclusion I think we did well today and hope everyone else who was there this week will agree. 

Andy M