Play In A Week progresses at The Nomad

Play In A Week progresses at The Nomad

Dear All 

Here is my review of PIAW day 3.      

We started in the morning with the usual warm up, including a vocal one with Jay. Then we went into our groups; I was with playwright Rachel Barnett in the Bar. Next a drinks break.

Then more work in our groups, but this time our group were backstage, as some of the group had to learn a new song with help from Jay. Next was lunch.  

In the afternoon I think we started with more work in the groups. We were outside this time. Then we got back together and looked at some of the work the other groups have been doing, followed by a sing song. Next was drinks break (2). Then we rehearsed the opening song and scenes, and we finished off with a cool down. 

Part 4 tomorrow!

Andy M.