Dance Showcase (2015)

Dance Showcase

1st July 2015 was the hottest day of the year and was also the day that the Thursday dance group performed their showcase. With not one complaint about excessive heat from any of the performers, they treated the audience of friends and family to a fantastic evening of dance.

The Cobham dancers used colourful props to enhance their dances ‘colours’, ‘bubbles’ and ‘circus’, while the Ashtead dancers treated us to their adaptation of a traditional tribal story ‘Morpho’. Set in the Amazon Rainforest, the dancers also used props and costumes to tell the story of a tribal girl who gets lost in the forest, meets colourful characters along the way and is finally turned into a butterfly and led back to her family by the Morpho butterfly.

All dancers also produced artwork which ws projected onto a screen as the backdrop to the dances.

Narration was by Rachel Mold and the dances were supported by our fantastic volunteers and technical crew, it was a fantastic end to a wonderful and hardworking year by both groups.

A big thanks to everyone who was involved.