Puppet matters

Puppet matters

Dear All  

Here is my normal  drama blog for this week. As we did quite a lot I may not mention everything that we did.

This week the visitors were Anita Sullivan (playwright) and Nick Barnes (puppeteer). Those not there were Sam Keelan and Terri. 

We started by welcoming Anita and Nick. Brandon said that Tom Gray (musician) will not be here this week but should be back for next week. Brandon then showed us all a picture of a heartbeat; this may be used on the publicity posters for Do Not Disturb when it tours. Nick Barnes (puppeteer)  then talked about a new lighter version of puppet Robbie (played in real life by Richard Watson).

I think we then had a full rehearsal of Do Not Disturb from start to finish, to show Anita and  Nick how far we had got since they last watched us a couple of months ago.

Then was lunch time.  

In the afternoon we got together for Anita and Nick to say what they thought about our performance in the morning. They said they thought we did well although some scenes need to be clearer for the audience to understand.

Then Nick Barnes talked more about making a lighter version of puppet Robbie.

Brandon then said he been contacted by Terri asking if she could bring anything from a hospital to be used in Do Not Disturb, and also by Tom Gray saying he had been working on the jingle for radio scenes from the play. 

In conclusion I think we all did well today and I everyone else who was there will think so too.

Andy M