Quest for Play In A Week

Quest for Play In A Week

Dear All 

Here is a review of today’s Play In A Week (PIAW) audition day at The Grange, Bookham.   

We started in the morning with a warm up, then read through the play: King Arthur and the Quest from Camelot, adapted by Rachel Barnett. We then pretended to try to pull the sword Excalibur from the stone; some did, some did not. Then was lunch time.  

In the afternoon we again read through the story, but this time acted the scenes out. Then a group photo followed by a drinks break. Next we acted out the opening; I played the dad for a little girl, who lost her cuddly toy camel (called Camelot). The camel was dropped at their local Budgens supermarket, as they are helping sponsor the PIAW event. We finished with a cool down.  

In think today went well and I am looking forward to the actual week itself, 20th-26th July, at The Nomad Theatre, East Horsley.

By Andy M.