Radio Thrive’s Jingle

Radio Thrive’s Jingle

Dear All  

Here is this week’s drama blog.  As we did quite a lot. I may not mention everything we did this week but I will try and include most items.   

The only visitor was Tom Gray (musician), and the only one not there was Ems. We started by Brandon and Jamie talking about The Freewheelers Film Night at Dorking Halls, Dorking, Surrey, last Wednesday November 6th. Jamie said all the films went down well with those Freewheelers who were at the event, as well as the audience. Everyone else was pleased about this, including myself. 

Then we welcomed Tom. Soufyan then mentioned a Freewheelers event at Cobham Village Hall on December 18th. Next, Zena talked about a Christmas Carol Concert at The Grange Centre, Bookham on November 30th, and said that tickets for this event are selling fast. So if you want to go you need to phone The Grange Centre, or book online as soon as possible! 

Next Brandon told us that the DJ Box/Booth (for Mathew James as DJ Siren in his scenes from Do Not Disturb) is in the process of being built. Then Brandon gave  out a wooden key with the words ‘Do Not Disturb’ on. This will be used to advertise Do Not Disturb before the tour starts (next January 2020 at The Leatherhead Theatre, then onto various medical venues – to be confirmed nearer the time.  

Then a full rehearsal of Do Not Disturb from start to finish.  Next was lunch break, during which Peter Higson came round with a Thank You card to the Hotel in Brooklands – to thank them for letting us use the facilities for some of the scenes from Do Not Disturb.  They were the Fawlty Towers based ones, with Sam Keelan as Beryle/Sybil Fawlty; Nick Russell as Cyril/Basil Fawlty; Poppy as Polly the maid; Luke H as Marcel/Manuel the waiter/porter; and Ems as Mrs Sardine who complains that the view from the hotel room is not good enough.  

In the afternoon we helped Tom Gray with a jingle for Radio  Thrive Alive and DJs Siren (Mathew James) and Beats (Matt Seaby).

Then we rehearsed the final new scene from Do Not Disturb again. Brandon said we did well this week. He said some of us still need to look at our lines. Brandon then said he will see us all next week.  

In conclusion I think we all did well this week and I hope the rest will agree.

​By Andy M