Remembering Andy Marber

Remembering Andy Marber

Monday 24th February.

Hi, I’m Rachel.  I am picking up the Monday blog where Andy Marber stopped.

The morning started with everyone talking about the show, Do Not Disturb.  Richard Watson thought that we should make a video of some of the shows, and other things that Andy has done with us and send it to Angela Marber. We discussed this and suggested other shows, such as Degas, and poems from everyone, Messages of Love and Hate, Samuria, Earthrise, and musicians. Steven also said Upright and Groveling. We continued to reminisce about Andy until lunchtime.

Brandon said that we are getting other tutors in for workshops.  I think by lunchtime everyone had had a very good and interesting morning.  The afternoon continued with the same sort of discussions. 

Andy Marber (died February 2020) 

Ashly Lucas and PA, Alyson Buckmaster, Luke Hinsley, Nick Walenski, Soufyan and PA.