Some Freewheelers are out performing opera!

Some Freewheelers are out performing opera!

Dear All 

In drama today we had no visitors and those not there were Terri, Mathew James, Jamie and Luke Tye; they were all at the performance of the Magna Carta Opera at Runnymede.  Also not there were Ems, Nick, Viv and Chris Crane.  

We started with Brandon saying due to low cast members we will only rehearse some scenes from Cold and Wet today. Then Brandon told us he got an email from the people at Runnymede, and all is going well there so far. 

Zena saw Trooping Of The Colour in London over the weekend and enjoyed it.  Brandon is growing a beard for a part in a production he is in. Rachel then said that Brett, Freewheeler volunteer, got an award last week. Next we rehearsed some scenes for Cold and Wet, followed by lunch time. 

In the afternoon we had to pretend to be a characters from Cold and Wet and tell the story of the show from that point of view. Next we had to write a new scene for Jamie as George and we finished off with being another character from Cold and Wet – not the one we are playing. This was great fun.

In conclusion I think today went well and I hope the rest will agree.

Andy M.