Song writing workshops and remembering our friend Richard

Song writing workshops and remembering our friend Richard

Dear All

Here is this week’s drama entry. Hope you all like it.

This week the visitors were Tom Gray (musician) and Sebastian (Brandon’s son).  Those not there were Jackie (volunteer), Terri, Ems, Nick Walenski, Luke H and Dan. 

We started by Brandon telling us all that Jamie and the Monday Youth Group all went to see Awful Aunties by David Walliams on Friday, at G Live in Guildford. Brandon said everyone who went liked it. They went to watch it as they may perform it themselves later in the year somewhere.  Brandon also said himself and others went to a local art gallery on Thursday to see various paintings by local artist James Watts.  They said it was good.

Next we started the song writing workshop with Tom Gray, by looking at two songs: the finale song called Wake Up Robbie, and the Body Song (both to be used in Return To Our Senses or whatever we may call the production).  Then was lunch. 

The parents of Richard Bridger came in during lunch break, and said that Richard enjoyed being a Freewheeler member, and we said we enjoyed him being there. Their names were Christine and Steven. They gave as a very generous donation in his name, which we all appreciated. 

In the afternoon we continued Tom’s song writing workshop with the two songs we rehearsed – the songs we looked at in the morning Wake Up, Robbie and the Body Song. We may have movement in this song; Andrea will get this organised. Also in the Body Song we all have a line to sing or in small groups. Mine is ‘Dislocated Fibular’; others had their lines to sing as well as some parts that we will all sing together.

Brandon said that he will not be there next week as he is on holiday somewhere, and Jamie said he also will not be there as he is with his helping dog Flossie getting an award.

Andrea and Peter will take the session and Anita Sullivan and students from NESCOT College in Ewell will be visiting as they may work with us in our current  production. 

I think it went well today and I think everyone else who was there will think so too. 

Andy M