Specially Cold and Wet!

Specially Cold and Wet!

Dear all

today in drama was a Cold and Wet Workshop Special.  

The visitors were Emily (Trestle Theatre Company), Tom (musician) and Mark (comedian). Those not there were Zena, Rachel and Richard. 

We started with Brandon welcoming Emily, Tom and Mark. Next, Brandon said he hoped an illusionist may come to help with a scene from Cold and Wet. We then rehearsed Cold and Wet, from the beginning to page 26; then was lunchtime. During the break, Tom played some music that he will include in my play, Upright and Grovling; I was pleased with the result.

In the afternoon we started with Mark rehearsing Stephen’s and my ventriloquist act on pages 33 and 34, including new lines on the script. We then went back into the main room and watched rehearsals for the murder scene from Cold and Wet. I helped by reading out some lines from the scene with a Sergeant Major. Then we listened to Luke T’s song, Dear Johnny; we finished with a feedback session.

In conclusion, I thought today was tiring but enjoyable, and hope the rest would agree.

By Andy M.