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How you can help by joining our award-winning volunteer team or making a donation to Freewheelers

We are a registered charity and our award-winning workshops, productions and programme of work is only made possible by the kind support of our funders, grant-giving organisations, and donations from the public.

Freewheelers provide opportunities for disabled and non-disabled people of all ages to produce, perform and develop new skills in theatre, film, dance and music.

How You Can Help: Volunteering and Donations

Please help support the work we do within disability arts; so we can keep developing our Freewheelers highly artistic and creative productions.

We are always looking for your support

Are you a keen volunteer looking for an opportunity to get involved?  There are many ways to help Freewheelers and have fun while doing it.

Contact us today to see how you can get involved.

The Benefits

Fill your downtime with something productive

Meet new people and make new friends

Make a difference to the lives of others

Feel valued and part of a team

Gain new skills, knowledge and experience

Make a Donation

We make sure that every single penny donated to us goes to good use. Your money really does make a big difference, not only to us as an organisation but to each individual member of Freewheelers, here’s how:

We can take our Productions on Tour

Our tours are the highlight of what we do and achieve at Freewheelers where our members can feel part of something larger and life changing. Your donation allows funds for these costs from accessible venues and transportation to ticket printing.

We can give our members a Transport life-line

We try our hardest to ensure that everyone who wants to be a member can be. If members have trouble reaching us, we will put on or pay for their transport, your money goes to ensuring that those who need our help can get it.

We can consistently use our unique Venues

We work out of the Bridge Centre in Leatherhead and your money means we can continue hiring this and other venues with access to media suites and dance studios allowing us to continue with the incredible work that we do.

Your Money Covers

  • Volunteers First Aid training
  • Food and drink
  • Costumes
  • Music
  • Tutors
  • and so much more!

Our Funders

We’d also like to thank our photographers: Andy Newbold, Ava De Souza, Chris Bussicott, Clive Thompson and Stephen Candy