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Social Responsibility And Business - Freewheelers Theatre And Media

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to a Business voluntarily going above and beyond their legal responsibilities to positively impact society. It is this idea of CSR and awareness that is often taken into consideration when being assessed under BSI Standards.

Many companies choose to tackle their CSR head on by naming a chosen charity for which they will host fundraising events and complete challenges in the name of throughout the year.

Naming Freewheelers as your business’ chosen charity could be the perfect mutually beneficial arrangement. Not only will your company be acknowledging and dealing with its CSR but Freewheelers will have a consistent and committed supporter who they can rely on to contribute to the fundraising that is required to keep us open and running and continuing to change lives.

We operate on a shoestring so a commitment like this would truly mean the world to us and our members. We really appreciate the consideration.

Get your business involved!