Taking on a challenge

Taking On A Challenge - Freewheelers Theatre And Media

Our members show incredible amounts of courage each and every day from the moment they begin to conceptualise an idea to the moment they step on stage in front of a full crowd. Do you think you could show a little bit of courage in their name?

We Need Your Support!

There are so many ways to raise money and tick some things off your bucket list on the way. Here are some ways that you could take on a challenge to change the lives of our members, and get a sense of self achievement along the way.

Give Up Your Favourite Guilty Habit and Send the Money You’ve Saved Our Way


Bungee Jump

Run a Marathon

Bike Ride

Grow a Moustache

Grow a Beard

Go Alcohol Free

Give Up Makeup

Sponsored Silence

Take on a Trek

The possibilities are endless but the outcome remains the same, your hard work will help us continue to provide this life changing service to our members.

Would you like to take on a challenge in the name of Freewheelers?