The last Monday of summer at The Bridge

The last Monday of summer at The Bridge

Dear All  

Here is a review of today’s drama session – the last Monday before Summer, although I  will be involved in watching or being in productions. We had no visitors and those not there were Ems and Nick. 

We started with Brandon talking about PIAW (or Play In A Week) at the Nomad Theatre from next Monday, July 20th. Then Brandon said that there will be two performances tonight at The Bridge Centre: the younger group are doing Charlie Meets Macbeth, and older ones a drama game sketches.

Also on Thursday of this week, the Tuesday group are performing A Twist On Oliver at the Nomad Theatre in the evening, and some of the group are in a play about Disability Awareness on September 4th, I think at the Bridge.

We will do a sketch based on Terri’s poem on an Assumption Regulator Machine. Andrea is going to Calamity Jane in September.    

Brandon then told us Pip will be slightly late to bring in the Hot Dogs for us to have for lunch. We then had the lunch itself: Hot Dogs made by Pip! During this, Richard thanked all the volunteers for all their help during the term; we all agreed and Richard gave them flowers and chocolates which they appreciated. 

In the afternoon we listened to an album of some of the songs from Cold and Wet recorded last week, by some of the group members – it was good. We then rehearsed Cold and Wet from the beginning to the murder scene.     

We then had supper ready to watch some shows later that night. Later on we watched the Youth Group’s performances: the younger ones did Charlie Meets Macbeth, from characters from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Shakespeare’s Macbeth and several others shows! It was really good, as was the older group doing drama games sketches. I really enjoyed both performances the same – I think the rest did too.   

Just to say I am watching A Twist On Oliver on Thursday of this week and being involved at PIAW or Play in a Week from Monday of next week, both at the Nomad Theatre. I will write about these nearer the time. 

Andy M.