Welcoming our new Stage Manager

Welcoming our new Stage Manager

Dear All   

Here is my first drama entry for 2020.  Hope you all like it! The only visitor was Ethan (new Stage Manager) and those not there were Antony O’Sullivan and Ems. 

We started by welcoming Ethan.  Brandon then said we will be busy this week rehearsing Do Not Disturb for when we start the tour at Leatherhead  Theatre near the end of February sometime.  Then a full rehearsal of Do Not Disturb from start to finish. 

Next Brandon and others including Ethan said what they thought of how we did.  Brandon and others said it went quite well considering we had not had a rehearsal for around three weeks, although some scenes needed to be made clearer for when the tour starts.

Then was lunch time. 

In the afternoon we rehearsed the opening and closing scenes from the play several times to get them right. Brandon said we did well. 

In conclusion, I think we did well today and I hope everyone else who was there today will agree.   

Andy M