Working hard at The Bridge

Working hard at The Bridge

Dear All 

here is the what we did this week in drama – I may not mention everything, but will try and include most items.  

The visitor was Charlotte, a Work Placement volunteer. Those not there were Andrea and Soufyan. 

We started with Brandon welcoming Charlotte to the group. Then Brandon said that the Tuesday group are performing  A Twist On Oliver at the Nomad Theatre on July 16th. Peter said the dance show at the Bridge Centre last Thursday went well; Susan agreed.

Brandon then talked about the Youth Group shows at the Bridge Centre next Monday at 6pm. Then Brandon talked about the PIAW (or Play In A Week) at the Nomad Theatre, the week of Monday July 20th.

Then he said he himself is in a show in Brighton in August that he has to grow a beard for!

Pip said she is making hot dogs next week, so we do not need to bring a packed meal unless we are staying to watch the Youth Group’s Productions later that night.

Terri read out her poem about a machine that breaks down other people’s assumptions about her – we all liked it.

Tom the musician was in today to record some of songs from Cold and Wet with members of the group. I think we then rehearsed Cold and Wet from the start to the murder scene; then was lunch. 

In the afternoon we continued Cold and Wet rehearsals from where we left off to the end; then was the additional scene. We finished with the murder scene again, as Jamie and others did not do it the first time, as they were with Tom.  

In conclusion I think today went well and I hope the rest think so too.

By Andy M