Workshops for Schools

Schools Workshops - Freewheelers Theatre And Media

Run by Andrea Atkinson, Dance Director at Freewheelers, alongside Freewheelers dancers Anna, Rachel, Sonas and Anthony, the ‘Trust’ Workshop is a fun and educational day for both children and tutors.

Schools Workshops - Freewheelers Theatre And Media

Our Workshops for Schools

We can be flexible with timing, but the broad outline is as follows…

Morning – 1hr 45mins, to include:

  • Teaching the BSL alphabet so that children can sign their own name
  • Races teaching disability awareness
  • Wheelchair skills (ALL children have the chance to move in a wheelchair, thus de-mystifying the wheelchair
  • Trust games using blindfolds


  • 15 mins Q&A session in which children can ask questions about disability
  • 75 mins dance and choreography workshop. In pairs, pupils are taught to choreograph their own ‘trust’ dance. They are shown balances and moves where they support their partner and create their own sequence of moves.
  • 30 mins ‘show and share’ in which pupils share their dances and other parts of the workshop. Where possible, The Freewheelers perform the high regarded Trust duet, which received an Inspire Mark from London 2012.

School Productions

The Big Laboratory Bang

In 2015 we created a production for schools aimed at children in years 5 and 6 called The Big Laboratory Bang. We developed this with Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People. Click here to read more about it.

Here are some of the wonderful thank you letters we received from children at the Walton C of E school following our performance of The Big Laboratory Bang.

For more information, or to discuss your workshop requirements, contact Jacqui on 07925 298 347 or email

Are you interested in one of our schools performances?