For those who don’t know me, I’m Zena. Yes, I’m 30 years old, I admit I’m old. I’ve been a member of Freewheelers now for 8 years. My first experience with Freewheelers was Play In A Week 2012 where I heard about Freewheelers from a friend of mine, Jenny.

I do acting, singing and dancing.

I wanted to join Freewheelers because the whole idea of me moving was to get into theatre and Freewheelers was the best place for me. At first they were strangers then they became my friends and after 8 years they have become my family.

Freewheelers is the beating heart for me because my grandad was a Mr Showman and he would want me to pursue my dreams.

My favourite moment has to be meeting our volunteers, Chrissie and Jenny because I love these ladies as they are great fun.

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