We are proud of our Productions at Freewheelers.

From an initial inspiration, our members collaborate to tell a story with emotion, professionalism, passion and fun. The end result is a Production which entertains, surprises and challenges perceptions, created by Freewheelers for you.

Degas: A Dance-Drama

Nineteenth century Paris springs to life as we dance our way through the life and times of revolutionary artist, Degas! 

Do Not Disturb

A multimedia detective-story, exploring the difference between our physical self and the world inside our heads.

Freewheelers Film Festival 2020

In 2020, we celebrated a decade of Freewheelers filmmaking with a 4 day virtual festival!

The Bright Side of Life

An evening of our Music Group’s wonderful songs to mark their progress and professionalism.

A Trip to the Moon

Based on Georges Melies 1902 film; complete with planets, animation, dance and music.